General Introduction
The company was founded in 1939 by Mr. Carlo Salvi, with the purpose of building mechanical descalers to process iron and stainless steel wire. Although these machines had successfully been sold, Mr. Salvi began to develop and manufacture new and more complex machines. In the late 40’s started the production of flat die thread rollers, which soon became well known on the market for high quality. Shortly after, the production of head slotter machines for the screw market was begun.

In 1952, the first single die - double blow header to produce screw blanks was built, with an immediate success: the machine gathered end-users attention thanks to its innovative features, performances and high productivity.

The first market which appreciated its technical qualities was Germany. Indeed the German market was for long time the most important for the society, overcome by the U.S. market only in the middle 70’s. Carlo Salvi machines had also been used for the production of copper rivets, for the “Miss Liberty” in New York rebuilding.

In the early 70’s was introduced a new line of headers for the semi tubular and fully tubular rivets, which completely changed the market. These machines allowed to produce up to 600 rivets per minute, with very low production costs. In the 80’s new headers were added: two die four blow and progressive.

At the end of 90’s Carlo Salvi USA was established in Toledo, Ohio, with the aim to better serve the customers of North America, Canada and Mexico. Well trained technicians, able to provide immediate technical support and a wide range of spare parts always available for immediate delivery, allowed our society to build up a strong reputation in customer service.

Since the 90’s have been introduced ranges of progressive headers with 5 and 6 dies for the production of parts with particularly complex shapes, included tubular rivets, capable of handling wire from 1,2 up to 22 mm. in diameter.

Presently the company is developing an its own technology, not only for the cold heading but also the hot heading, using induction processes capable to heat the wire up to 900 °C.
This technology opens new horizons to Carlo Salvi for the heading of materials which can not be formed by cold process, like titanium and other special alloys especially used in the aerospace and automotive industry.

Carlo Salvi machines worldwide through our agents, except for U.S.A. where the company has its own subsidiary.
Worldwide leading manufacturers of high technology parts for high applications (like Textron group, CPC, SPS, Hatelier de la Haute Garonne, Cam-Car, Knipping, SFS Stadler, Bollhoff, Invitea, Bulten, Huck International, Fontana Group, Agrati Group, etc.) use with success our equipment in the aerospace, automotive and electronic industry.
One of the reasons for this unquestioned success is the toggle movement, typical of Carlo Salvi’s machine, which offers the following advantages:
1. heading is made via a soft progressive pressure: the component deformed part has a better molecular structure which improves mechanical properties;
2. the machine produces one part at each revolution of the flywheel: on conventional headers, instead, the flywheel makes two revolutions for each part being produced. In fact, on conventional headers, the solicitations (should be oscillations?) are twice compared with Carlo Salvi’s.
3. Heading stroke of finishing punch is about the half respect to coning punch: besides to a better material deformation it can be obtained also a better tool life. Particularly, with crosswise head punches it is possible to have a longer pin life of about 30%, than on conventional headers, which give an instant impact.
There are also other important features which make Carlo Salvi machines extremely profitable compared with other brands:
1. quick change of tools using jigs which allows to set-up tools on bench, while the machine is running
2. linear wire feed with grippers, which allows to have a very regular cut-off and avoid wire deformation
3. close cutter allows a better straight cutting quality
4. the use of electronic devices allows to adjust cut-off length and k.o. length in few seconds
5. tool area is very wide and therefore the setting up is very comfortable
6. ram is very long and assures maximum rigidity and alignment during heading with consequently precision of the finished parts
7. punch housing is very deep and allows to use special tooling, such as sliding punches, which are very often used for the production of parts with very complex shapes.
8. every machines is prearranged for the application of the needed components for the production of semi tubular rivets. The option may be added also later.
9. rotating transmission shaft allows using cams for special jobs.
10. machine strength assures sturdiness, stability and duration.
With more than 4000 machines manufactured and sold all over the world, Carlo Salvi name is synonymous of quality, reliability and high performances.
All Carlo Salvi machines are developed with particular attention to environmental solutions to avoid the emissions of fumes and oils and in the total respect and warranty of operators’ safety.
Design and development are continuously upgraded and the technology is looking at the future always researching for new solutions.

The future development of Carlo Salvi foresees also the development of the Chinese market, where the efficiency of our products, their absolute reliability and technology, will allow a wide introduction in the high range fasteners manufacturing.
While this article is been written, some machines able also to produce special titanium parts, have been delivered to Chinese factories working for the aeronautical field.
Carlo Salvi has a complete machine range for the fasteners field, which includes: screws, rivets, POP rivets, semi tubular and tubular parts and complex shape parts.
To satisfy the needs of technical support, spare parts service and customer care, Carlo Salvi Guangzhou office was set up in 2010. (
This most advanced technological machines can be demonstrated in the newly established aeronautical fastener company which is also the Carlo Salvi show-room in China:
CAG - Shandong Avic Glory Aviation Standard Parts Co., Ltd.
No. 9 plant, Export Processing Zone, Jingshi Esat Road, Jinan, Shandong Province, P. R. China
CAG is being established as the most advanced manufacturer of aeronautical fasteners worldwide. It will be supplying the international aeronautical industry with high precision aeronautical quality fasteners. To achieve this goal it was mandatory to utilize only the most reliable machines. Therefore the latest design Carlo Salvi machines were selected. They can be demonstrated in operation at CAG in Jinan.

Chinese office contacts:
Phone: (+86) 020 81734672
Fax: (+86) 020 81239359
email address:
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